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We’ve been collecting and analysing brand audit data since 2019, with a pause in group-based citizen science during the lockdowns in 2020. Since the beginning of our coordinated beach and beyond cleans, our volunteers have cleaned up an incredible 135,868 polluting items, many of which were plastics headed for the ocean. Get the plastic pollution facts from each of the annual brand audits below or explore the complete historical rankings of the Dirty Dozen.

2019 Brand Audit

2021 Brand Audit

2022 Brand Audit

2023 Brand Audit

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The Dirty Dozen historical rankings

Our research found that the majority of plastic litter is still coming from just a handful of the world’s largest companies. With their massive resources and influence, they have real power to positively change consumer behaviour to stamp out this excessive and often unnecessary production and pollution of plastic.

In fact, we’ve seen no change at the top since we started our Brand Audits back in 2019.